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About me

Greetings, my name is Matthew Sterling and I am currently a student at Francis Tuttle studying to be a web designer. Just a few things about me, first of all I love the web and almost everything it has to offer whether it be from playing some giant MMO with millions of other people, to Google’s ever changing logo on their main page. I also enjoy doing many other things such as play music, long board, play video games, and most of all just being active and healthy. As for my skill set I’d say I have an alright grasp on HTML and CSS with a very basic understanding of SQL. My skills are still developing as I continue to proceed with this course so I hope to bring you some awesome and unique designs as I grow as a designer.


First Website made at beginning of my training

First Lottinvilles Site – I was supposed to make a website based off of an actual restaurant and essentially use it as a way to show off some of my basic skills. I decided to make it how I did because it was my first website so I found it to be somewhat less stressful if I took a more simple approach.
The Skills that were used here were HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.

Microformats & Microdata site – I was supposed to grate a simple informational website explaining what Microformats & Microdata is so my instructor could put it on our classes Library page.
The Skills that were used here were HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.

Born Of Osiris Discography – For this project I was supposed to create a discography site for one of my favorite bands using some new skills I have picked up.
The Skills that were used here were HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and Bootstrap.

DON’T! BPA Competition PSA Site – Myself and three of my peers were assigned to create a PSA site for the Business Professionals of America Annual Competition.
Skills used by the group for this project include PHP, HTML, and CSS

Lottinvilles Revamp – In my free time I decided as a form of practice to redo my first site I made in class using my now more developed abilities.
The Skills used on this project include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Some Javascript (with help from a buddy).

Discography Revamp - I was assigned the task of giving one of my old classmate's websites somewhat of a facelift by attempting to make it more accessible and responsive oh and I was only allowed to mess with the CSS.
The Skills used in this project were CSS and some Javascript.

Blackbeard watermark – For this Project I was hired to create a watermark for one of my friend’s photography.
The Skills used on this project include Photoshop, and Illustrator

I realize that the first couple of sites on my list are rather broken in bits but i'm using it as a way to show my progress and how far i've come. I hope you enjoyed my work and if you would like to email me give that button a click.